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City piece tray 100 pcs peti
Ahmedabad ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Ajmer ₹4.6 ₹138 ₹460 ₹966
Barwala ₹4.4 ₹132 ₹440 ₹924
Bengaluru ₹5.55 ₹166.5 ₹555 ₹1166
Brahmapur ₹4.9 ₹147 ₹490 ₹1029
Chennai ₹5.6 ₹168 ₹560 ₹1176
Chittoor ₹5.53 ₹165.9 ₹553 ₹1161
Delhi ₹4.7 ₹141 ₹470 ₹987
E.Godavari ₹4.75 ₹142.5 ₹475 ₹998
Hospet ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Hyderabad ₹4.95 ₹148.5 ₹495 ₹1040
Jabalpur ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Kolkata ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Ludhiana ₹4.32 ₹129.6 ₹432 ₹907
Mumbai ₹5.65 ₹169.5 ₹565 ₹1187
Mysuru ₹5.57 ₹167.1 ₹557 ₹1170
Namakkal ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Pune ₹5.7 ₹171 ₹570 ₹1197
Raipur ₹5.05 ₹151.5 ₹505 ₹1061
Surat ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
Vijayawada ₹4.8 ₹144 ₹480 ₹1008
Vizag ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
W.Godavari ₹4.75 ₹142.5 ₹475 ₹998
Warangal ₹4.97 ₹149.1 ₹497 ₹1044
Allahabad ₹5.14 ₹154.2 ₹514 ₹1079
Bhopal ₹5.1 ₹153 ₹510 ₹1071
Indore ₹5.05 ₹151.5 ₹505 ₹1061
Kanpur ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
Luknow ₹5.17 ₹155.1 ₹517 ₹1086
Muzaffurpur ₹5.05 ₹151.5 ₹505 ₹1061
Nagpur ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
Patna ₹5.05 ₹151.5 ₹505 ₹1061
Ranchi ₹5.24 ₹157.2 ₹524 ₹1100
Varanasi ₹4.93 ₹147.9 ₹493 ₹1035

Today Egg Price on Market

NECC Egg Price ₹5.08 ₹152.4
Whole Sale Rate ₹5.08 ₹152.4
Retail Rate ₹5.4 ₹162
Super Market Rate ₹5.49 ₹164.7

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