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date piece tray 100 pcs peti
Today ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
14-07-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
13-07-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
12-07-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
11-07-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
10-07-2024 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
09-07-2024 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
08-07-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
07-07-2024 ₹5.27 ₹158.1 ₹527 ₹1107
06-07-2024 ₹5.19 ₹155.7 ₹519 ₹1090
05-07-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
04-07-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
03-07-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
02-07-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
01-07-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
30-06-2024 ₹5.13 ₹153.9 ₹513 ₹1077
29-06-2024 ₹5.09 ₹152.7 ₹509 ₹1069
28-06-2024 ₹5.04 ₹151.2 ₹504 ₹1058
27-06-2024 ₹4.93 ₹147.9 ₹493 ₹1035
26-06-2024 ₹4.88 ₹146.4 ₹488 ₹1025
25-06-2024 ₹4.84 ₹145.2 ₹484 ₹1016
24-06-2024 ₹4.84 ₹145.2 ₹484 ₹1016
23-06-2024 ₹4.84 ₹145.2 ₹484 ₹1016
22-06-2024 ₹4.81 ₹144.3 ₹481 ₹1010
21-06-2024 ₹4.73 ₹141.9 ₹473 ₹993
20-06-2024 ₹0 ₹0 ₹0
19-06-2024 ₹4.62 ₹138.6 ₹462 ₹970
18-06-2024 ₹4.4 ₹132 ₹440 ₹924
17-06-2024 ₹4.35 ₹130.5 ₹435 ₹914
16-06-2024 ₹4.35 ₹130.5 ₹435 ₹914

Last 30 Day Report

Price Up / Down + ₹0.95
Percentage + 21.84%
Today Rate ₹5.3
30 Days Ago Rate ₹4.35

Today Egg Price on Market

NECC Egg Price ₹5.3 ₹159
Whole Sale Rate ₹5.3 ₹159
Retail Rate ₹5.62 ₹168.6
Super Market Rate ₹5.71 ₹171.3

Haryana Egg Price Chart

Haryana Low & High Price Chart

Today Egg rate in Haryana

As of now, the egg rate in Haryana is ₹5.3 per piece or ₹530 per 100 eggs. This shows a slight increase in the price of eggs compared to previous rates.

For those purchasing eggs in smaller quantities, a tray of eggs containing around 30 eggs is priced at ₹159. Alternatively, for larger quantities, 1 peti of eggs, which typically includes more eggs, is currently priced at ₹1113.

This information is crucial for both individuals in the egg industry and consumers who intend to buy eggs. Being aware of the current egg rates helps industry professionals make informed decisions, and consumers can plan their purchases accordingly., your ultimate Source to Real-Time Egg Price Updates Today!

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Egg Rate as per Day to Date: Stay Informed with Real-Time updates.

This section provides you with real-time information on egg prices, constantly updated to reflect the latest market rates for each date.

Whether you need to track daily price changes or look back at historical rates, this feature keeps you informed about the cost of eggs on any specific date.

Egg Rate per Piece: Precise Pricing for Individual Needs

With this section, you can access the exact cost of a single egg, allowing you to make precise calculations based on your individual requirements.

Whether you need just a few eggs for your household or for a specific recipe, knowing the price per piece helps you manage your budget efficiently and make informed choices.

Egg Rate per Tray: Optimize Your Purchases in Bulk

Buying eggs in trays is a common practice for many consumers and businesses. This section offers transparent pricing for a full tray of eggs in Haryana, enabling you to plan your purchases in bulk and take advantage of cost-effective deals. It helps you save time and money by efficiently managing your egg supplies.

Egg Rate per 100 Pieces: Bulk Savings, Better Deals

For larger-scale consumers, such as restaurants, hotels, or catering businesses, buying eggs in bulk is essential. This section displays the cost of 100 eggs, allowing you to compare prices and find the best deals when purchasing eggs in larger quantities in Haryana.

Egg Rate per Peti: Unlock Wholesale Prices and Savings

Peti refers to a larger container or crate used for transporting eggs in wholesale quantities. This section provides the rate per peti, giving you insights into wholesale pricing options. If you're involved in egg distribution or larger-scale egg purchases, this feature allows you to access competitive rates for wholesale quantities.

Real-Time Egg Prices At Your Fingertips leverages cutting-edge technology and up-to-date insight from the official NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee) to provide you with real-time egg rate price updates.

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Make Smart Consumer Choices Through the Egg Rate Price Chart in Haryana

As a consumer, allows you to make smart and economical choices. Whether you're buying eggs for your household or business in Haryana, the online egg rate price calculator gives you real-time rates, ensuring you get the best value for your money. You can compare prices across different dates and quantities, and even run a comparison with different states and cities. offers more than just raw data. The platform provides easy-to-understand visualizations, including graphs and charts, to help you comprehend price trends and patterns. With clear insights at your disposal, you can easily spot fluctuations and plan accordingly.

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A: The NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee) sets the egg rate every day in India. today's rate is ₹5.3. The current NECC egg rate today can be found on our website.

A: The egg rate can differ according to region, state, and city, and it changes frequently. As of today, the egg rate in major cities in India is around ₹5.3 per egg, Per Tray ₹159.

A: As 1 Peti egg has 210 eggs, the current rate for 1 Peti egg today is ₹1113

A: The lowest price of the egg is '10 July (₹0)', and the highest price is '15 July (₹5.3)'. However, it depends on the demand and supply of the eggs.

A: Yes, you can check the latest egg rate daily. Our website is available 24 hours, and we are frequently updating the prices according to the NECC report.